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What martial art is best for me? How many calories did I burn during my karate class?

How can I measure my martial arts training?

Need to make your ideal competition weight? Wondering what how many calories you lost during your karate class? Need to know which martial art best suits you? Or just need to set your goals suas BMI? ch Pad-Up! offer a FREE suite of online training tools that accomplish just that.
How can I learn to defend myself without being fit or strong? Dim Mak is an ancient martial art that manipulates pressure points with devastating effect. Points can have various effects ranging from discomfort to death, temporary and permanent paralysis, loss of control of bladder or bowels etc

What is Dim Mak and can Dim Mak help me defend myself?

Dim Mak is the ancient art of manipulating forbidden acupuncture points. These 108 points when struck correctly can cause varying degrees of discomfort, paralysis, loss of control of bladder and bowels to even death. Traditionally the Chinese masters only passed down the devastating skill of Dim mak (Dian Xue) to their most trusted students for fear of the skill being used against them or misused for the wrong purpose. After much deliberation with his Chinese masters Shifu Steven Burton has been permitted to teach this ancient skill in a responsible manner. Pad-Up! In association with 5 Thunder will continue their Dim Mak programme with Steven Burton. Module 3 is confirmed 4-5 July 2015 Crowne Plaza, Santry, Dublin ... spaces are limited so book early to avoid disappointment.
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